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I lived under the Iron Dome in Ashkelon for several months, and I’ve stayed in Ofakim, but I can only imagine trying to do physical therapy with a special-needs population under those terrible conditions, as this article details.

"When we hear the alarm, we know what to do, we’re really well organized, and we make sure the residents are safe."

“The residents, they have no choice,” he says. “They didn’t pick this place. Somebody else picked it for them and most of the time they don’t understand where they are. But the staff, they had a choice. They could have chosen other places to work, places that are much less stressful and demanding. But they didn’t, and that says a lot.”

It’s hard to know what to make of the situation except to continue hoping for peace.

Hello my PTCAS guru! It's been a while since I've applied to school, and I have a good friend who is going through the process. Do you remember if there is a min/max for # prerequisites that can be taken after submitting the application? For example, I submitted my app but still had 2 prereqs in the fall and 1 more prereq the following spring to take... and the programs had good faith that I'd pass them if they accepted me. Any direction would be greatly appreciated!
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Pre-requisite courses that can be outstanding at the time of applying are different for each school. This link lists them, but I think it’s best to check (or double check) with each school individually. I also know people in my program have told me that they applied to schools without having finished all the pre-reqs in time and were still admitted. I don’t have experience with this, and I wouldn’t recommend it, but that is what I’ve heard.

Mentally preparing for studying for the boards next summer:


It’s kind of like torture every day that I study.

I have two study books (score builders and O’Sullivan). I only read one and just use the other(O’sullivan) for extra practice tests. Each book has 3 practice tests that are 200 questions long (multiple choice yay), the actual test is 250 because…

Going to hold onto this for next year! Lessons from a new DPT.

Asker kalameet Asks:
Hi there, I just graduated and my application process opened up yesterday. I don't quite understand how you turn in letters of recommendation on the PTCAS and was wondering if you remembered? Also, do you remember how you completed the supplemental material for school specific requirements? Thanks!
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For specific PTCAS questions, I recommend asking PTCAS directly. I remember them having excellent customer service, and got especially quick answers when I tweeted at them. As for school specific requirements, your best bet is to check with each school individually.

Who else has PTCAS questions??

In the most recent Sunday times, there was an article refuting the idea that robots and technology take jobs away. Instead, the argument goes, as certain jobs become outdated, new jobs spring up to take their place. One example of growing jobs, of course, was Physical Therapy! According to their data, 81,000 jobs were added in the field between 2000-2013, a 57% increase. And as we’ve repeatedly seen, the field is still expected to grow.

Today, at my internship, we had an in-service on Medicare. Contrary to what I was taught in some of my classes in school, it IS possible to bill for maintenance. A recent clarification to the rules means that people with degenerative conditions can still benefit from, and receive physical therapy. This article explains the situation well.

A good reminder: there is no one correct way to work out. If there was, everyone would be doing it! Experiment and figure out what works for you (and your patients!)

ok so i currently have ~590 hours of pt clinics (130 something inpatient, rest out patient) i am putting in 52 hours a week between in-patient hospital, outpatient clinic, and pt aide job. i just got a verbal proposition for a pt aide position in the hospital which will put me at 64 hours a week. will this please the gods of the pt application process.
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There are no gods in the PT application process, just professors and other administrators! But 64 hours a week is a LOT, so as long as you are able to articulate what you have seen and learned during that time, it will be a big benefit to you. I think it is especially great that you’ve experienced multiple settings as PT can vary quite a bit from in-patient to out-patient. Here are two previous posts I’ve written about clinic hours before.

Hi Jasmine! I'm not sure if you've answered a question in this regards, but I'm planning to apply to PT school in the fall. I have yet to take the GREs. I'm really confused as to how to start applying and the timeline of when I should be completing things (applications, PTCAs signup, taking GREs, etc.). I would really appreciate your guidance and advice!
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Hi, the process is different for each school, but you can find a lot of great information at CAPTE: In general, you want to take the GRE’s in the fall and start studying this summer. Most applications are due around December or January, but some schools give preference to applications submitted earlier. You can start PTCAS at the beginning of July, and although it is complicated, they have a lot of information on their website and they will answer all your questions if you ask. It’s also a good idea to check with each school to which you’re applying to make sure you know what they expect from you. Let me know how it goes!